Prop Rocks For Plays, Movies, Concerts, TV Shows & More

We get a lot of inquiries from customers asking how to make fake rocks for a play, or how to make paper mache prop rocks for a wide variety of different uses ranging from zoos and water parks to TV shows, concerts, and trade shows.

While small fake rocks are relatively easy to make, larger faux boulders become much more of a challenge to make realistically.

In many cases, prop rocks are not necessarily single use items. Meaning they will be used, put away in storage, and used again at a later date. The main problem we see when people make fake rocks out of cardboard, foam, or paper mache isn’t necessarily appearance, but durability.

How To Make Prop Rocks That Last

Materials like foam, cardboard and paper mache are not very durable and do not hold up very well especially in the types of environments where these prop rocks are often used. They can be kicked, sat on, thrown around by stage hands etc. It’s not easy being a DIY prop rock!

This is why people often inquire on how to make polystyrene rocks because it is not only extremely durable but can also produce very realistic rock-like textures and colors.

buy prop rocks

Making prop rocks out of cardboard or paper mache is about as strong as a Pinata!

The problem for many is polystyrene rocks are molded, and molding this material requires the plastic to be melted and poured into a mold. These rock molds are extremely expensive and not very cost effective for producing only a few prop rocks for a stage performance, play, water park, trde show booth, etc.

It really all boils down to what you intend to use the prop rocks for. If it’s a one time use that does not require much durability, then making prop rocks from foam, paper mache or cardboard may suffice.

If you need prop rocks for a trade show, play, concert or other production requiring re-use, and durability then your best bet is a polystyrene prop rock that can handle being stepped on and thrown around.



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Your Yard Might Be Perfect For This Deadly Poisonous Mushroom

artificial rock mushroomsAmanita phalloides, commonly known as the Death Cap mushroom, has killed more people than any other wild mushroom variety.  It’s lived in the United States for quite some time, mostly confined to the west coast. Over the last several years the deadly shroom has been showing up in yards across America. Most likely due to climate change and spore transportation between states.

These toxic mushrooms resemble several edible species (most notably caesar’s mushroom and the straw mushroom) commonly consumed by humans, increasing the risk of accidental poisoning. Amatoxins, the class of toxins found in these mushrooms, are thermostable: they resist changes due to heat, so their toxic effects are not reduced by cooking.

The Death Cap mushroom doesn’t look particularly evil. And people who have accidentally cooked and eaten the mushroom claim the taste was actually quite good. But the effects of eating one of these mushrooms is far from good. These things are wicked. They do nasty things to one’s internal organs.

Symptoms are typically delayed anywhere from six to 24 hours after the poisonous mushrooms are consumed, which unfortunately gives the body time to completely absorb the toxins and can also make diagnosis more problematic because of the lack of uneaten specimens for proper identification. The initial symptoms mimic those of influenza or a stomach virus: nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea; these symptoms can be severe, e.g. violent vomiting, acute cramping, and bloody diarrhea.   The appearance of such symptoms six to 24 hours after eating the poisonous mushrooms should be cause for great concern, and every effort should be made to provide uneaten specimens (or, where practical, good photographs of the specimens) to a bona fide expert on the identification of toxic wild mushrooms!   After a period of apparent improvement that lasts approximately 24 hours—during which time misdiagnosed patients have often been, regrettably, released from medical supervision—the liver and kidneys begin to fail. Coma, permanent debilitating liver/kidney damage, and death are common outcomes.  See more…

A mature death cap mushroom features a wide brim cap with prominent gills. The issue for most mushroom hunters is when the Death Cap first fruits it closely resembles the tasty and nutritious button mushrooms that people are familiar with. If you are in to mushroom picking it’s important to double check your harvest.

Coming Soon To A Yard Near You

Unlike many other mushroom varieties residing in forested areas, the Death Cap has a knack for showing up in people’s yards where kids and pets frequent. This makes it particularily poised for accidental consumption by a curious toddler or hungry pet. Even touching one of these nasty shrooms and putting your fingers in your mouth can lead to illness.

As is the case with most dangerous threats, knowledge is your best defense! Below is some detailed information on the Death Cap mushroom to help you identify it. If you live out in the country and have kids or pets roaming your yard it might be a good idea to become familiar with the information listed below.

mushroom in yard

This baby Death Cap looks just like an edible button mushroom – SCARY

A greenish color cap on mature Death Cap mushrooms is usually a telltale sign but it’s important to realize that the green hue is not always present on the cap.

A white thin membrane called a veil is frequently visible hanging from young Death Cap mushrooms, but as the mushroom matures the veil can degrade and become barely visible. Look around under grass clippings and leaves for the thin white veil as a tell-tale sign of these mushrooms. Pieces of the veil can often be seen hanging under the cap stem areas as well.

The Death Cap can be easily diagnosed as such. The cap is 2�–6″ (6–16 cm) wide, smooth, with greenish to yellowish pigments, usually sticky or slippery but sometimes dry, often adorned with one to several patches of thin white veil tissue. The gills are white, crowded together, and very finely attached to the upper stalk. In young specimens, a white, membranous partial veil tissue extends from the edge of the cap to the upper stalk, covering the gills (later remaining attached to and draping from the upper stalk). The spore print is white. The stalk is white to pallid, up to 6″ (15 cm) long or tall, with a large rounded bulb at the base; the bulb includes a white sac-like volva (see the two photos on this webpage). THE BASE OF THE STALK AND THE TELL-TALE VOLVA ARE OFTEN BURIED IN THE SOIL.

See more…

Spring and fall are the most popular times of the year for mushrooms to fruit in the yard. Mushrooms like moisture and these are generally the wettest times of the year. However some areas like California can see these mushrooms fruit any time ofyear. For more details on how to identify this wicked mushroom check out this video:

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The Best Insulated Water Well Pump Covers

With more and more home owners moving into rural areas where city water isn’t offered, there exists a growing demand for insulated water well pump covers.

Exterior water wells usually consist of an electric well pump mounted next to the wellhead and large pressure tank. The pressure tank consists of a steel capsule enclosing a thick rubber membrane inflated like a balloon to add air pressure to the water line, pushing it out of faucets and shower heads in the home.

buy water pump insulation covers

Outdoor pressure tanks don’t like the cold, making insulation an important component in climates where snow, frost, and freezing weather can occur during the cold winter months.

How To Choose The Best Insulated Well Pump Covers For Your Home

When choosing which insulated well pump covers to buy it’s important to first consider your application.

Is it just the well pressure tank you intend to cover or is it necessary to protect all of the components?

Most applications require the entire assembly to be protected from the elements if there is an electric pump motor exposed above grade. Leaving an electric motor running outside in the rain and snow unprotected isn’t advizeable in most circles.

Other installations may have to use a submersible well pump without any exterior motor to worry about. Submersible pumps are often employed for deeper wells and are placed in the well under the water level. In these cases, insulated water well covers are used over the pressure tank alone. It’s not adviseable to use fiberglass insulation over exterior pressure vessels. Fiberglass insulation breaks down quickly when exposed to rain and U.V rays.

What Are The Best Insulation Bag Options For Well Tanks?

Instead, use insulated well covers made to slip over the tank to keep it cozy. DekoRRa Models 604, 614, and 617 pressure tank insulation bags are very popular and designed to withstand the elements in a wide variety of climates. These bags provide R-16 protection with the insulation weather sealed in thick and durable elastomeric outer shell that is highly U.V. resistant.

Insulated well pump covers for applications requiring more coverage usually call for a large fake boulder or well house covering the entire layout. For added protection many homeowners choose to also place an insulation bag over the tank. This strategy allows for wind protection from the hard exterior with additional R-value over the tank where it is most needed.

It’s important to consider the electric motor if it is mounted above grade and out in the open. Without proper air flow, the moving parts inside the motor can overheat and seize up. This is bad! To prevent excess heat from building up under the cover, vents should be placed in the exterior shell to allow for air flow and proper cooling of the electric pump motor.

DekoRRa Mock Rock Models 104, 114 and 123 are all popular for exterior well protection. Vents are easily added to rock enclosure orders and installed prior to shipment.

Some areas, where the weather can be extremely cold over long periods of time, insulated well pump covers are combined with an electric heat source. The old fashioned route was to throw a light bulb in the enclosure and hope it generates enough heat to prevent things from freezing up. Heat tape is more popular now, with many designs incorporating a thermostatically controlled switch turning the unit on and off when necessary.

How Do I Know What Size Insulated Water Well Covers I Need?

Correctly sizing insulated well pump covers can be tricky. If your sizing the entire footprint, carefully measure the length and width needed at the top and the bottom. Most enclosures have more room at the base vs the top. If you are using an insulation bag over a pressure tank measure the diameter of the tank and the height. Consider the insulation inside the bag as well as the exterior dimensions of the bag. Remember, fluffy insulation can eat up a lot of interior space insude the insulation bags.

As a general rule you want to error on the side of caution when choosing the right insulated well pump covers to use. Being left without running water due to a frozen pump or piping is never much fun. If you’re worried the existing cover isn’t going to provide adequate protection it’s best to remedy the situation before it’s too late.

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Fake Landscape Rocks & Boulders

Many residential and commercial landscaping projects require fake landscape rocks and fake boulders as a substitute for real stone.

Real stone is heavy, dirty and can be difficlt to size correctly. If there’s only a 3 foot by 3 foot space, for example, finding the right size can be a real challenge. And even if one does fine the right size, the color, shape or texture may not match the surrounding landscape.

What Material Is Best?

It’s important to keep in mind the fact that anything left outdoors is going to be hammered by the weather and baked by the sun. U.V. rays can quickly fade and weaken cheaply made materials leading to color fade, delamination and other detrimental effects that are best avoided.

As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid anything with a painted surface. While paint quality has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, it is still highly susceptible to sun fade, chipping and peeling from U.V. damage and harsh freeze and thaw cycles.

fake boulders

Are fake landscape rocks made of fiberglass worth the money?

Fiberglass can be quite durable but it is also very heavy and doesn’t handle freeze and thaw cycles very well. Due to it’s rigid composition fiberglass rocks can be prone to impact damage from pebbles thrown from lawnmowers, golf balls, and other objects. Fiberglass is also very smooth and shiny. It does not generate a very natural or realistic stone texture in any light.

Cast concrete fake boulders and landscape rocks are another option for residential and commercial applications. Due to the molding process, concrete can achieve a fairly realistic texture if it is correctly textured.

Concrete can be prone to chipping, flaking, and cracking. It is also quite heavy. Polymer modifiers can be added to concrete during the mixing stage to decrease cracking on the surface over time, but adding polymer additives and colorant can get expensive fast.

Is foam a good material for fake landscape rocks & boulders?

No! Foam is too light and cracks too easily. Even if it is coated with an acrylic or cement based coating it can still be prone to damage. Foam can also wick moisture. Wet foam is very difficult for paint and other coatings to adhere to, especially when freeze thaw cycles and harsh weather conditions are thrown into the equation.

Polyethylene offer the best of both worlds

Polyethylene is a great material for fake landscape rocks and fake boulders. Polyethylene is a type of plastic that can be molded to create a very realistic stone texture. Granite, sandstone and other textures are easily achieved if the mold being used is of high enough quality.

Unlike rigid plastics that can become brittle and crack (especially in cold temperatures), polyethylene remains somewhat flexible and can withstand impact damage much more effectively.

Polyethylene plastic can be molded with colorant, texture particles and U.V. inhibitors inside the material. Instead of painting the fake landscape rocks to achieve a desired color and texture, the molding process provides everything during the manufacturing process.

Fake boulders can get very large. Some sold here are nearly 6 feet tall. Polyethylene designs allow for easy tilting and lifting to move or inspect what’s underneath quickly and easily. They can also be molded with a hollow interior to allow things to be hidden underneath them.

Many of DekoRRa’s fake landscape rocks are molded with partially recycled plastics making them extremely green and environmentally friendly in addition to being easy to use, highly weather resistant, and designed to fit a wide variety of applications. Smaller models can be used over outdoor outlets, valves, lighting transformers, vent pipes and much more. Many of the medium sized models fit well over residential water wells, backflow valves cable boxes and septics. And the large fake boulders are great for insulating and protecting large outdoor water wells and pressure tanks in addition to electrical boxes, pumps and satellite tv dishes.

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Buy DekoRRa Rocks & Products On-line

If you’re looking to buy DekoRRa rocks and products on-line there are a few things to consider first.

What Are You Using The DekoRRa Rocks For?

DekoRRa Mock Rocks are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small fake rock covers to large boulders.

Front and Back Yard Landscaping Accents

If you intend to use them as landscaping accents be sure to measure the areas where the rocks will be placed and select models that will fit in those spaces without crowding nearby shrubs, flowers, and bushes.

Pay attention to the exterior dimensions at the very base of each rock model. Also note the overall height. Consider how tall plants in front of the rock will be. Taller rocks can be seen from a greater distance than shorter models.

House Address Number Rocks

Several of the DekoRRa rocks function exceptionally well as house address number or name rocks. Personalized plaques of different shapes, sizes, and colors are mounted to the rock with stainless steel hardware, resulting in a beautiful house address monument that is highly weather resistant.

buy dekorra products
Enhance Your Landscape With DekoRRa Products

At it’s as easy as choosing a house address rock model, entering your desired text and selecting the rock and plaque text color.

The address plaques are fastened to the DekoRRa rocks before shipping. Just open the box and place the house address rock in the yard, entryway, adjacent to a walkway or out in a landscaped area for a healthy serving of curb appeal.

Prop Rocks For Plays, Movies, Productions & Parades

DekoRRa rocks can be used practically anywhere a fake prop rock is needed. We’ve seen them used in high school musicals, church productions, on floats in parades, in movies and television shows, at trade shows, museums, and more. The ultra-realistic and light weight design makes DekoRRa rocks easy to work with and super durable to with stand damage.

Making fake prop rocks is time consuming and messy. Concrete, spray foam and other methods can be a huge headache for production and set designers. DekoRRa makes choosing the perfect prop rocks super fast and easy.

Mock Rock Covers For Hiding Utilitys

Probably the most popular use for DekoRRa rocks is to disguise utilitys in yard and garden areas. From an aesthetic point of view, septic tanks, wells, electrical boxes, irrigation valves and the like can be real eyesores. Hiding them with easy to use DekoRRa rocks is a fast solution many home owners take advantage of.

dekorra rocks for sale

Sensitive water wells and irrigation valves can be prone to freeze and frost damage during cold months. Many homeowners choose to protect these expensive utilities with DekoRRa rocks to add insulation and help prevent costly damage from the weather and tampering or theft.

In order to select the correct size rock model to fit your application, it’s important to look at the amount of interior space available inside of each model. Interior space lessens with height, so the taller the object is that is being covered, the larger the rock or boulder will need to be.

Other DekoRRa Products

DekoRRa also manufactures a line of USA made backflow and well insulation bags. These R-10 insulation bags are designed to slip over and provide frost protection in cold weather. The backflow insulation bags are available in several popular backflow configuration sizes, and the water well tank insulation bags are also available in a variety of sizes. Electric heat options are also available if 24 hour freeze protection is required. DekoRRa backflow protection enclosures incorporate both the insulation bags and electric heat tape in the ASSE Class 2 and Class 1 configurations.

DekoRRa rocks and products are designed to be extremely high quality, easy to use, and weather resistant in any climate. In a world where everything seems to be made from cheaper and cheaper quality materials, it’s refreshing to see a company like DekoRRa working against the grain.

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The DekoRRa 302 Backflow Enclosure Just Got Better

New and improved for 2018, the DekoRRa Model 302 Backflow cover enclosure features an enchanced base plate construction with dual locking hasps for padlocks and metal drainage gates.

The granite like finish has also been improved to increase the curb appeal of these durable and highly weather resistant DekoRRa Model 302 backflow protection covers. The polyethylene construction offers superb fade resistance with the colorant, texture and U.V. inhibitors all molded into the enclosure during the manufacturing process.

Designed for maintenance free use in all climates, the DekoRRa 302 valve boxes can handle 1/4″ up to 2″ backflow preventer sizes. Ground stakes and concrete anchors are included for installation over turf and concrete pads.

The 2 piece design makes installation a snap and the natural colors and textures offer much more curb appeal than traditional square fiberglass enclosures.

DekoRRa 302-GT
DekoRRa 302-BG

Buy Backflow Covers & Enclosures

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DekoRRa Model 301 Backflow Cover Enclosure

Judging by all the favorable reviews, customers are loving the new and improved USA made DekoRRa Model 301 backflow cover enclosures. Available in ASSE class 1, 2, and 3 designations the polyethylene covers offer complete backflow freeze protections.

Suitable for backflow valves from 1/4″ to 1″ in size, the DekoRRa Model 301 can protect any modern backflow unit from manufactures like Watts, Wilkins, Ames, Febco, and more.

Each 301 Backflow Cover is made of durable polyethylene with the colorant, texture and U.V. inhibitors molded into the casing. Superb protection from impact damage and will not fade in the sun or become brittle in cold temperatures. The DekoRRa Model 301 is available in 2 natural colors: Brown Granite (301-BG) and Green Turf (301-GT).


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Buy The Best Backflow Covers With Fast Sizing Help

Get it right the first time with these ultra durable, easy to use and super sharp looking backflow covers that won’t have your wallet smoldering like many other brands do.

New and improved features like dual locking hasps, metal drainage gates and enhanced colors and textures make these the best backflow covers for residential and commercial applications.

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Backflow Enclosures Deals & Sizing Tips

Backflow enclosures can be expensive. Here’s our pick for the best quality valve covers at affordable prices.

Don’t let the low price fool you. These units are ASSE approved and loaded with heavy duty features. Plus they look great! No more ugly square fiberglass boxes to have to look at!

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Backflow Covers And Enclosures Reviews

Checkout our backflow covers and enclosures reviews detailing some of the new and exciting features built into these gorgeous and super durable backflow covers available with insulation and electric heat.

Available in two natural colors and for a variety of valve sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 2″. 

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